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NEW Huracan Complete Electron Retract Set

Comes eady to install in Huracan


Heavu duty fully grass capable, set includes the following:

2x ER-50eVo main retracts
1x ER-50eVo nose retract with Servo plate steering
2x Main electron struts
1x Nose electron strut
2x Main wheels with electromagnetic brakes (Electron system)
1x Nose Wheel
1x Controller selected

Huracan Complete Electron Set Natural: $US 1,095

Upgrade to Anodized Black: $US 195

Upgrade to RS200 controller: $US 35

Upgrade to RS200 controller w/programmer display: $US 95

Upgrade to GS200 Controller: $US 105

Upgrade to GS200 PRO Controller: $US 140

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Altecare is proud to annouce a new partnership with


Altecare is proud to annouce a new partnership with

Ozaero Custom Designs has been developing RC Jet detailing products for a few years now

and has developed amazing scale ejection seats and landing light fixtures

Ozaero Custom Designs also does Custom Painting and Personalized Detail Work like 3D printing, jet doors, air inlet covers etc.

will start carrying Festo Fittings, Fuel Accessories, Hysol as well as JetTronics valves effective immediately. Their website is set up and ready to go. Their prices include free standard shipping

Our Festo, Fuel, Hysol and JetTronics web links will now point to Ozaero's website

Please join me in welcoming Ozaero Custom Designs

ALTECARE RC will be working very closely and supporting Ozaero in this transition

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