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New All Terrain Electric Retract Sets

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for C-ARF Tutor, C-ARF 1/4 scale Hawk and Viper

C-ARF Marchetti, Tucano and Lightning

C-ARF Tutor Electric Set: $US 1,595

C-ARF 1/4 Scale Hawk Electric Set: $US 1,595

C-ARF Marchetti Electric Set: $US 1,595

C-ARF Tucano Electric Set: $US 1,595

C-ARF 1/4 Scale Viper Electric Set: $US 1,595

C-ARF Ultra Lightning Electric Set: $US 1,595


Two new EDF kits from Aviation Design

New Mini Scorpion and Mirage EDF Foamie, RTF less Rx and Battery

Span: 38" - 97 cm
Length: 46" - 116 cm
Weight: 3.8Lbs - 1.740 Kgs
Optional Gyro
80mm EDF
Lipo 4000 mAh 6S

Mini Scorpion RTF: $US 395

Min Mirage RTF: $US 395

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Electric Retract Sets for the

Dynamo, Rebel, Ultima

Boomarang Elan

Turbinator and C-ARF Ultra Flash

Any set for $US 1,095



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