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New Products Arriving in December:

The Super Trap, the last Air Trap you will ever need

Customize inlet and outlets:

barb, 4mm/6mm, single or dual outlet to suit ALL Turbines fuel flow needs

Super Trap Manual

Super Trap Into Price $US 115 with mount:

Universal Servo Mount

Suitable for all standard size servos

Universal Servo Mount $US 11.95

iGyro 3e

Extremely accurate triple-axis MEMS sensor
Special regulatory algorithm designed for fixed-wing model aircraft
Three axes distributed to five servos, each adjustable independently
Input and output with PWM Signals
Input for in-flight gain adjustment
Heading or Normal mode can be selected in flight
Integral delta mixer
Installed orientation can be selected
16-bit processor for fast, high-resolution signal processing
Updateable with PowerBox Systems USB Interface connectors
Robust anodized aluminium case

iGyro 3e $US 235:

SRS Expander

The PowerExpander expandes up to 18 channels provided by your RX

Access to a maximum of eighteen channels
Simple wiring: the receivers are connected using a serial link
Integral SRS, allowing the use of two receivers
Compatible with: Futaba, Spektrum, Graupner, Jeti, Multiplex and JR
High-current power socket MPX or Deans
S-BUS output for use in a BUS system
Hold/Failsafe option for each output individual
User-variable frame rate
Can be updated using the PowerBox USB Interface

SRS Expander $US 150

Two new EDF kits from Aviation Design

New Mini Scorpion and Mirage EDF Foamie, RTF less Rx and Battery

Span: 38" - 97 cm
Length: 46" - 116 cm
Weight: 3.8Lbs - 1.740 Kgs
Optional Gyro
80mm EDF
Lipo 4000 mAh 6S

Mini Scorpion RTF: $US 395

Min Mirage RTF: $US 395

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Latest News/Products

Electric Retract Sets for the

Dynamo, Rebel, Ultima

Boomarang Elan

Turbinator and C-ARF Ultra Flash

Any set for $US 1,095



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