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We promote quality products with a commitment to customer satisfaction

Aviation Design Jet kit sale

Diamond Star Wars scheme: $US 2,895

Diamond Blue Racing scheme: $US 2,895

Diamond Red Racing scheme: $US 2,895

Diamond Green Racing scheme: $US 2,895

Diamond Orange Racing scheme: $US 2,895

Diamond Gold Racing scheme: $US 2,895

Diamond White Racing scheme: $US 2,895

Scorpion Red Racing scheme: $US 1,695

Scorpion Blue Racing scheme: $US 1,695

Scorpion Green Racing scheme: $US 1,695

Scorpion Gold Racing scheme: $US 1,695

Scorpion Orange Racing scheme: $US 1,695

Phoenix Gold Racing scheme: $US 1,495

Phoenix Swiss scheme: $US 1,495

Phoenix Red/Silver Sport scheme: $US 1,495

Phoenix Yellow/Black scheme: $US 1,495

PLUS 15% sale on Mirage, Rafale and other kits. Call us for details.

PowerBox Mercury SRS


Integral iGyro: Triple-axis gyro system with attitude assist function
Expanded setup assistant for ultra-simple operation
Special regulatory algorithm for fixed-wing model aircraft
Six independent gyro outputs for: 2 x ailerons, 2 x elevators, 2 x rudders
Special thrust vector support
GPS-regulated gyro gain
Extremely accurate six-axis MEMS sensor
Integral Delta and V-tail mixer
Door sequencer: freely programmable outputs with set-up assistant
Servo-Match function: servo centre, end-points and reverse for all 15 servo outputs
SRS: Serial Receiver System provides the facility to use receivers with serial interface:

Futaba S-Bus, Spektrum DSM2 und DSMX, Jeti UDI, Multiplex M-Link, HoTT and JR X-BUS
Unrestricted channel assignment for all 15 PowerBox outputs
Graphic OLED screen with 128 x 64 pixels
Extremely user-friendly menu-based programming using the SensorSwitch
15 channels
Signal amplification and interference suppression for all 15 outputs
Flight recorder, recording of lost frames and fail-safe events
Variable frame rate, range 12ms – 21ms
16-bit processors for fast, high-resolution signal processing
Double-regulated output voltages for receivers and servos
regulated output voltage 5.9V or 7.4V
Connection facilities for Futaba, Jeti, Spektrum, HoTT, JR and Multiplex MSB downlink bus systems
Direct transmission of the battery informations, receiver data and GPS data to the transmitter
Separate voltage display for each battery
Minimum value memory alerts the user to voltage collapses
Large-area heat-sinks for high regulator performance
Regulator monitoring, regulator error indicator
Support for three battery types: LiPo/LiIon, NiMh/NiCd, LiFePo
Suppression of any servo feedback currents which may occur
Updateable with PowerBox Systems USB Interface or BlueCom adapter

Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Power supply 2S LiPo/LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
Current drain Power-on state 99mA (with OLED)
Current drain Standby 3µA
Maximum load current Peak 2x20A
Drop-out voltage 0.3V
Output voltage 5.9V or 7.4V regulated

PowerBox Mercury SRS w/OLED W/O GPS: $US 395

PowerBox Mercury SRS w/OLED W GPS: $US 495


Servomatching by Mobile App

The PowerBox MicroMatch is the ideal solution for models where there is no space for a PowerBox, or where the PowerBox in use does not include the MicroMatch’s functions

The MicroMatch provides a very simple method of fine-tuning the servo travels and centre positions of both outputs. Its main application is for systems where two servos operate a single control surface; the unit can match them electronically to run exactly in parallel. The MicroMatch includes a servo reverse function which changes the direction of rotation of the servos with a single click. This is ideal for elevator servos which are installed as a mirror-image pair, allowing them to be operated using just one channel

All adjustments can be carried out using the USB interface (Jeti and MPX adapters can also be used) or a BlueCom adapter. The BlueCom option offers one very practical feature: it is possible to make direct adjustments at the servo output arm, and alter the settings conveniently using a mobile phone and a Bluetooth link!

The MicroMatch includes an update facility, allowing for possible future expansions to the range of functions

Micro Match Servo Matching: $US 29.95

PowerBox BlueCom™ Adapter Apple $US 59.95

PowerBox BlueCom™ Adapter Android $US 59.95


NEW GS-200 Electron Retracts Controller/Sequencer

with gyroscopic brake assist

Programmable through integrated color touchscreen
Internal Gyro can be mixed with the steering servo output and differential brakes
Dual control of electric brakes, full proportional, linear and adjustable pulsed mode
Differential brake mode steers model using brakes
Steering servo processor: Gain, sense and center can be adjusted. The steering servo is centered during retraction
8 servo outputs to control doors: Endpoints of each servo can be programmed individually. Servo speed can be programmed independent in two directions in 0.1s resolution
10 step sequence: Position of the gears and 8 doors can be defined independent in each step. Step duration in 0.1s steps
Wide choice of RC inputs: Single RC channel, Dual RC channel, Futaba SBUS, UDI Bus, SRXL Bus, JR Mode A Bus, JETI EX Bus
SD card slot to save the settings and upgrade the software

Two models available, Electron and Generic for all other retracts

Download the GS-200 user guide

GS-200 Electron Retracts Controller/Sequencer: $US 250

GS-200 Generic Retracts Controller/Sequencer: $US 250

Magic Jeti Switch
Switch on your model from the transmitter!

The Magic Jeti Switch makes it possible to switch any PowerBox on and off from the transmitter

It forms the ideal complement to any PowerBox system which is installed in an inaccessible location,

or in a model where an external switch is not desirable.

The Magic Jeti Switch is available in two versions:

one is fitted with a red plug, and is suitable for the BaseLog, Evolution, Competition and Cockpit

the other with a black plug, suitable for the Royal SRS and Champion SRS

Magic Jeti Switch with red connector: $US 29.95

Magic Jeti Switch with black connector: $US 29.95

New Turbine Prices

JetsMunt VT80: $US 1,695

JetsMunt M100XBL: $US 2,195

JetsMunt M140XBL: $US 2,595

JetsMunt M200XBL: $US 2,995

B100F: $US 2,295

B140F: $US 2,595

B160F: $US 3,195

B300F: $US 5,495

B500F: $US 9,995

Behotec 220: $US 3,595

New Electron Struts

Altecare is proud to add the radio products to its offering


NEW Sequencer and pressure failsafe with Telemetry


Pressure sensor up to 10Bar.
Telemetry output for the pressure reading compatible with JETI, Futaba. JRPropo and Multiplex.
Futaba SBUS compatible, saves one RX channel.
5 Outputs for the sequencer, compatible with air valves or servos
The sequencer have 5 steps, all 5 outputs are definible in each step.

The time of each step can be adjusted in 0,1s intervals.
Endpoints for the 5 outputs adjustable independently
Pressure indication by two LED (4 ranges) or trough telemetry /Xicoy Data terminal. 0.1Bar resolution.
Settings can be saved and programmed by a computer and Xicoy USB lead.
Programmation by the Xicoy Data terminal

CNC aluminium Machined box

Download the Manual

Xicoy Sequencer/Pressure failsafe w/telemetry: $US 99

Xicoy Sequencer/Data Terminal Combo: $US 125

New PowerBox Sensor now with 7.4V regulated output to use with HV setup

Perfect to regulate 2 cell LiPos to 7.4V with the advantage of batery backup


Checkout the new collection of Ultra Bright Afterburner Rings

Introducing the All new CMB Super Flow Fuel Filter by Intairco

The Worlds first purpose designed Turbine Fuel Filter

Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

Introducing the Dynamo, Unico and Scirocco

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