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We promote quality products with a commitment to customer satisfaction

New Products:

Introducing the new HSD Super Viper V3 RTF with improved digital metal gear servos

lighting system, smoke system and

build-in controller to allow the use of a 7 channel radio (if using smoke, 6 if no smoke)

Turbine: 7Kgs (15.4lbs)
Length: 1663mm
Flying Weight:6500g
Digital Servos: 12g x 2pcs and 25g x 7pcs
Turbine: 7Kgs (15.4lbs)
Fuel tank: 1,350
Header tank: 120cc
Flying Weight:6500g
Electric Retracts with electric brakes

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme (no electronics): USD 550

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme PNP: USD 1,350

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme with SW6 Turbine: USD 2,795

HSD Super Viper Navy scheme with JetsMunt M70 Turbine: USD 2,995

Also coming the new V2 F16 and Mirage

New Filter Mount

Filter Mount: $US 8.95

All new Mini Trap by Intairco

The Worlds first purpose designed Turbine Fuel Filter for small turbine engines

*** free mini trap with every M70XBL purchase *** (limited time offer)

Mini Air Trap (4mm Barb/Festo Straight/L fittings only): USD 74.95

All new High Pressure Mega Filter Super Flow Fuel Filter

The Worlds first purpose designed Turbine Fuel Filter for engines up to 500N!

Mega Filter (specify fitting option when ordering): USD 64.95

Pump mount

Pump Mount: 19.95

L12-R Micro Linear Servos for doors, canopies and air brakes

The L12-R series of linear servos operate as a direct replacement for standard rotary servos. They use the same standard 3 wire connector, ground power and control. Regardless of how you drive your servos, be it with an RC receiver, an Arduino board, or a VEX micro-controller, the L12-R servo will function in place of a regular servo, but with the added benefit of providing linear motion. These hobby grade units are constructed using an anodized aluminum shaft, metal gearbox, brass screw and steel ball bearings. These actuators are built to last and look stylish on your models. The L12-R is available in 9 models. 3 strokes of 30mm, 50mm and 100mm, coupled with gear ratios of 50:1, 100:1 and 210:1 cover a large variety of applications.The L12-R will not operate with Futaba receivers like the R6014FS that output 2.7 volts. You will need a Smart Fly Power Expander or Orbit Power Jack to bring the signal level up to 5vdc for the L12-R to operate.

JetsMunt M70XBL

Thinking in a 45N, or 50N or 60N or 65N engine? Why not all in one? Our new M70 combines the size and weight of a 44 engine but with the power adjustable to 70N, so one engine fits all sizes. Thanks to our the new FlexPower software, the engine can be adjusted to any output power from 30N to 70N in seconds, while keeping all the features of his big brothers, Brushless starter, brushless pumps, Bus ECU, Restart, and telemetry.

Nominal thrust: 70N at 172.000 RPM
Idle thrust: 2.8N (<1lb)
Idle RPM: 50,000
Diameter: 75mm (3”)
Engine weight: 600g (1,35lb)
Installed weight: 740g (1,63lb)
Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel + 3% oil
Fuel consumption: 195g/min
Starting mode: Direct Kerosene

M70XBL: $US 1,795

Introdcucing the new younger brother to the Diamond

Wing span: 1.85m - 73"

Length: 2.5m - 99"

Weight: 9.4kgs dry - 20.7lbs dry

Power: VT80/M100XBL/B100F/M140XBL/B140F

Small Diamond Racing scheme (specify color): $US 2,295

Small Diamond tail pipe: $US 175

Small Diamond Air Retract set/Jetronics valves: $US 895

Small Diamond Electric Retract set: $US 1,195

Small Diamond Kevlar Tank: $US 175

Small Diamond shipping FedEx: $US 295

Checkout our BF turbine specials:

B100F: $US 2,195

B140F: $US 2,495

B160F: $US 2,995

B300F: $US 5,195  

B500F: $US 9,395 (call to purchase)

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