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NEWS FLASH - Special sale on in-stock Aviation Design Kits

10% special Discount on in-stock Aviation Design Kits + 50% off shipping

Sale applies to in-stock kits only as per following list

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Introducing VSpeak, Behotec Turbine Telemetry

Compatible with Projet ECU II (V7.1B) & III (V2.5A)

VSpeak ECU Converter for HORNET ECU emulates the IO BOARD and the TERMINAL
The data is transmitted over the telemetry channel to the radio

Currently compatible with Jeti Duplex EX, Spektrum XBus, Graupner HoTT and Multiplex MSB

Futaba SBUS comign soon

Jeti/Jetibox Video

Spektrum Video

Graupner Video

Multiplex Video


Projet ECU Telemetry Converter Jeti: $US 139


Jets-Munt All New VT80: $US 1,875

Jets-Munt 100XBL : $US 2,345

Jets-Munt 140XBL: $US 2,795

Jets-Munt 200XBL: $US 3,125

BF Turbines B100F: $US 2,395

BF Turbines B300F: $US 5,775

Behotec 190: $US 3,495

Behotec 220: $US 4,195

iGyro 3e $US 210:

iGyro 1e $US 85:

PowerBox BaseLog $US 179:

We carry the full range of PowerBox systems

The Super Trap, the last Air Trap you will ever need

Customize inlet and outlets, 280ml capacity

barb, 4mm/6mm, single or dual outlet to suit ALL Turbines fuel flow needs

Super Trap Manual

Super Trap Price $US 114.95 W/O mount:

Super Trap Mount Price $US 12.95:

Universal Servo Mount

Suitable for all standard size servos

Universal Servo Mount $US 11.95

Two new EDF kits from Aviation Design

New Mini Scorpion and Mirage EDF Foamie, RTF less Rx and Battery

Span: 38" - 97 cm
Length: 46" - 116 cm
Weight: 3.8Lbs - 1.740 Kgs
Optional Gyro
80mm EDF
Lipo 4000 mAh 6S

Mini Scorpion RTF (w/3 axis Gyro +More powerful motor): $US 450

Min Mirage RTF (w/3 axis Gyro +More powerful motor): $US 450

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Latest News/Products

Pre-orders for the Mini Avantis

Special pricing:
Kit: $US 499.99 regular 599.99

12 blade metal EDFw/motor rated for 6S:

$US 249.99 regular 299.99

130A ESC 8A BEC:

$US 109.99 regular 129.99

P20 Installation kit:

$US 59.99 regular 69.99

3 Axis Gyro: $US 39.99 regular 49.99

Fuse Stand: $US 34.99 regular 39.99

Wing Bag: $US 24.99 regular 27.99


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