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Delivering 300N and lower fuel consumption

with integrated Kero Burner and Temperature probe

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All turbines Service Interval: 50 Hours, Warranty: 2 years

B300F in 1:7 scale F15E

B300F Stand Test


B300F Technical Data: 

Diameter: 133 mm

Length: 390mm

Weight : 2,350grams

Max. Thrust: 300N ( 70lbs ) at 108,000 RPM

Fuel consumption at full power: 980ml/minute

Exhaust gas temperature at full power: 740 Celsius 

Acceleration: 4.6s min to full power

Fuel : Kerosene / Jet A 1 mixed with 5% Behotec or Turbine oil - Optional Diesel or Bio Diesel, depending on quality mixed with Turbine oil

Built in Kero Burner and Temp probe

Download Operating Manual

Behotec B300F: $US 5,195 (Please call to purchase)


Universal FOD

(all 66mm based turbines): $US 19.95







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