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High Speed Wheels

Available in 85, 100 and 110mm

Direct replacement to the Behotec wheels, dual ball bearings 6mm axle

High Speed wheel 110mm $US 79 $US 40

High Speed wheel 100mm $US 72 $US 36

High Speed wheel Electric Brake set: $US 150 $US 75

Jeti Telemetry Sensor Airspeed MSpeed 450 EX

$US 98 $US 50

Jeti Telemetry Sensor Temperature MT125 EX w/Probes

$US 43 $US 22

Jeti Telemetry Sensor MVario2 EX Variometer/F5J-ALES Limiter & Expander

$US 99 $US 50

New VSpeak Telemtry for Behotec Turbine Telemetry

Projet ECU Telemetry (Jeti, Multiplex, Futaba, HoTT, FrSky, JR): $US 139 $US 79

Xicoy Telemetry

Telemetry adapter Futaba, Jeti and Multipleax RXs: $US 59 $US 40

TAM Air Failsafe system

Tam Air Failsafe System: $US 109.95 $US 79


PowerBox iGyro GPS option: $US 115 $US 75

Servomatching by Mobile App

Micro Match Servo Matching: $US 29.95 $US 15

Magic Jeti Switch
Switch on your model from the transmitter!

Magic Jeti Switch with red connector: $US 29.95 $US 20

Magic Jeti Switch with black connector: $US 29.95 $US 15

PowerBox BlueCom™ Adapter

PowerBox BlueCom™ Adapter Apple $US 59.95 $US 35


JetTronicsValves Air Filters

JetTronicsValves Air Filters 3mm: $US 19.95 $US 10

JetTronicsValves Air Filters 4mm: $US 19.95 $US 11

Xicoy Controller and sequencer for electric landing gear LGC15

Xicoy Controller and sequencer: $US 195 $US 98

Sequencer and pressure failsafe for air landing gear

Xicoy Sequencer and pressure failsafe: $US 79 $US 35












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