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Festo Fittings

Fuel Accessories

Hysol Glue


Wheels and brakes


Jet selection

 2M MB339
 Boomerang Jets/Turbinator
  Falcon 7X
 2.7 and 2.95M MB339
Rafale 1/7
Mirage 2000
Super Scorpion
10.5M Nimbus1:2.5 scale Glider(coming soon)
Fouga 1/3
Fouga 1/4
1:6.8 scale F16 (coming soon)

Two new EDF kits from Aviation Design

New Mini Scorpion and Mirage EDF Foamie, RTF less Rx and Battery

Span: 38" - 97 cm
Length: 46" - 116 cm
Weight: 3.8Lbs - 1.740 Kgs
Optional Gyro
80mm EDF
Lipo 4000 mAh 6S

Mini Scorpion RTF (w/3 axis Gyro +More powerful motor): $US 450

Min Mirage RTF (w/3 axis Gyro +More powerful motor): $US 450

Acrobatic EDF kit moulded in high density EPS, complete with all accessories
Scale cockpit and pilot
Scale retractable electric landing gear
Scale functions: Light system, flaps and parachute!
Fuselage stand and wings holder included in the box

Wing Span: 45,6"
Length: 53,7"
Wing area: 548 sq in
Weight: 5.51 lbs
RTF without battery
90mm EDF unit, 1750Kw motor, 85AESC 5A bec,
10x9 gr servos factory installed
Required Rx: 7 Channel
Recommended battery pack: 5000-6SPP65

FIAT G-91 PAN EDF $US 695 $US 450


Mini Avanti

Special pricing:
Kit: $US 599.99

12 blade metal EDFw/motor rated for 6S:

$US 299.99

130A ESC 8A BEC:

P20 Installation kit:

$US 69.99

3 Axis Gyro: $US 49.99

Fuse Stand: $US 39.99

Wing Bag: $US 27.99


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