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Jet-Tronics Products and Air Accessories

High quality retract, brake, fuel, propane and smoke valves

Jet-Tronics Double-Valve $US 115

This ultra-light Jet-Tronics Double-Valve switches double action pneumatic cylinders. It has a speed control function for gear IN and OUT as well as an "Air-Fail-Safe" function and a manual control possibility

Single valve or Brake Valve $US 75

This valve is attached directly to the receiver to control undercarriages with spring loaded single acting cylinders and
wheel brakes with proportional function (PWM). (Pre selected mode: brake function)

No Air Loss Brake Valve $US 110

Jet-Tronics Brakevalve does not consume air while braking proportionally. A big advantage of this valve is the possibility to partly activate the brakes already in the air if the undercarriage is dropped. While touchdown the plane immediately decelerates due to the partly activated brakes which causes much shorter landing distances and it also prevents jumping of the plane. In case the runway is still too short, it is possible to program down elevator for full brake. A further advantage is that you can use the brakes during taxiing to the start point without being anxious to waste air.

Sequencer $US 65

The Jet-Tronics Door-Sequencer just needs one function to control one gear servo and three door-servos respectively pneumatic valves.

Double valve High Flow $US 215

"Jet-Tronics Doublevalve High Flow" is a compact and light special valve with high air throughput matching for bigger cylinders.
By turning off the receiver power pressure remains on gear-down position, so the gear is pneumatically locked.

Fuel Valve $US 65

The proven Fuel Valves for turbines from 20 to 200N thrust.
The valve is suitable for switching gasoline, Kerosene and smoke fluids.

Gas Valve $US 65

The proven Gas Valves for turbines from 20 to 200N thrust.
The Jet-Tronics Gas Valve is suitable for switching propane gas and compressed air up to 10bars.

Smoke Valve $US 80

The Jet-Tronics Smoke Valve is suitable for switching smoke oils directly connected to the receiver.

Micro Valve $US 80

The Jet-Tronics Micro Valve is functionally identical with the Jet-Tronics Single Valve / M-Valve.
It has a smaller pressure range, therefore smaller dimensions and lower weight.
Valve suitable for styrofoam-models.

Download Single valve intsructions

Download Dual valve insructions

Sequencer Instructions

Retract/Brake valve in one


Behotec retract/brake valve: $US 45

We suggest a 3mm Festo Control valve to reduce brake air pressure for a better brake action and to avoid wheel lockups

Festo 3mm Control Valve: $US 26.25

Air up/spring down retract/brake valve: $US 40

These tanks need an Air valve below

Air/Propane tank valve 4mm: $US 15

Large air tank (60x220mm)- $14.50

Medium air tank (50x175mm)- $11.50

Small air tank (35x110mm)- $US 9.50

Air gauge with barb fitting: $US 23.95

4 way barb connector: $US 3.95

3 way (T) barb connector: $US 2.75

Barb straight connector: $US 1.50


Two complete Air Line Quick Connect set 3mm: $US 8.95

Tidy Strips for 3mm Festo Tubing or regular silicone air lines (pack of 5)

3mm Tidy Strips (pack of 5): $US 5.00














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